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Marlene Stewart Streit



Photo of Marlene Stewart Streit posing with her golf clubs

Photo of Marlene Stewart Streit posing with her golf clubs

Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Museum

The 1951 Canadian Open finally goes... to a Canadian!

The rookie golfer exhibits the steely concentration of a veteran. One up after 35 holes in the 36 hole final against American Grace Lenczyk, Marlene lay 15 feet above the cup, needing to hole her putt to retain the lead. Twice in her set-up her concentration is broken by officials trying to contain a photographer. On her third set-up she steps up, sinks the putt and goes on to win the match. With this rock-solid performance, Marlene Stewart Streit signals her arrival as one of golf's bright new stars.

It was a grand entrance. Marlene Stewart Streit had only been playing golf for two years when she won the 1951 Canadian Women's Open with an upset victory over the highly regarded U.S. and World Amateur champion Grace Lenczyk. The 17 year old high school student broke a long U.S. dominance of this tournament and capped off a thrilling season which included wins at the Ontario Ladies Golf Championship and then the sweep of the Canadian Closed and Open tournaments played in succession at Montreal's Laval Sur Le Lac.

Under the watchful eye of golf pro Gordon McInnes at The Lookout Point Golf Club in Fonthill, Ontario, Marlene developed an effortless rhythmic swing that generated tremendous power from her diminutive five foot frame. Endless practice resulted in uncanny accuracy, especially around the greens. More importantly she built mental toughness that was unshakeable. Her stunning accomplishments in 1951 were proof.

Marlene's goal now is to win the U.S. Amateur Championship, a feat not yet accomplished by a Canadian woman.

Marlene Stewart Streit is the first golfer and second woman to win the Lou Marsh Memorial Award since its inception in 1936.

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