The Lou Marsh Legacy - Honouring Canada's Top Athletes

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General Overview of the Lesson:

Students will create a news story to include in a major national newspaper in Canada.

Students will select a sporting event that one of Canada's Top Athletes has participated in throughout their career and write a 400 word news story related to that event and design a newspaper article.

Students are encouraged to select a sporting event that has contributed to Canadian identity. i.e., 1972 Summit Hockey Series, Terry Fox Marathon of Hope, Montreal and Calgary Olympics, Grey Cup Games, Man in Motion Tour, Marilyn Bell's Swim across Lake Ontario, Canadian Figure Skating Championships (see Appendix A for a full list of possibilities).

Students will conduct detailed research accessing a total of six primary and secondary sources including websites, books, interviews, and collection material included in the Lou Marsh Legacy exhibit.

Students will write the 400 word news story and design a newspaper article to include the following:

Relevant Courses:

This lesson plan focuses on:

Specific Student Learning Objectives:

Skills Targeted for Development:

Resources Required:

Suggested Implementation Strategy:

The process that students will follow to implement the creation of the newspaper articles is a three part process that includes two class periods, research and writing time outside of the classroom.

Session 1: In Class - One period

  1. Students will come to class having already selected a recent newspaper article that was written about a particular local, provincial or national sporting event.
  2. Students will identify specific characteristics about the articles and put their responses on the board. Teachers will use this list to help students understand the particular qualities of a feature story and its purpose.
  3. Students will also have a group discussion to identify
    1. Who is my audience when writing their newspaper articles?
    2. What response do I want from this audience?

Session 2: Research/Writing Phase - One week

  1. Students will select a specific sporting event from the list provided and write a news story and design a newspaper article. The newspaper article will include the following components:
    • Headline
    • 400 word news story
    • Photograph
    • Caption for the Photograph
    • Photo Credit
  2. Students are expected to access at least 6 primary and/or secondary sources when researching their specific sporting event. Sources can include websites, books, interviews, artefacts, and newspaper articles. These sources should be referenced at the end of their newspaper articles.

Session 3: In Class - One period

Students will be asked to read their newspaper articles and fellow students will give and receive feedback.

Suggested Follow-up Activity:

Students will be encouraged to submit their final newspaper articles to the Hall. The Hall will publish up to two newspaper articles per year and post the selected story on the Hall's website -

Students are encouraged to submit their newspaper articles to their school newspapers or publish on-line through their school or school board.

Suggested Evaluation:


Teachers are encouraged to complete a feedback form (accessible above) and submit it electronically to Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. The responses received will assist in refining/revising the lesson plan for future users.

Students will be encouraged to evaluate the project process and identify what they learned.


Phil Edwards 1936 - Berlin Olympic medal in track and field
Marshal Cleland 1937 - Ten International Riding titles
Bob Pearce 1938 - Best Oarsman of All-time, Diamond Skulls at Henley
Bob Pirie 1939 - Hawaiian Swimming Champion

Gérard Côté 1940 - Boston Marathon Course Record
Theo Dubois 1941 - Premier Sculler of the Dominion
Barbara Ann Scott 1945 - North American Figure Skating Champion
Joe Krol 1946 - Second straight Grey Cup win
Barbara Ann Scott 1947 - Canada's First World Figure Skating Championship gold medal
Barbara Ann Scott 1948 - Canada's first Olympic Figure Skating gold medal
Cliff Lumsdon 1949 - World Marathon Swim Champion

Bob McFarlane 1950 - Yate's Cup win
Marlene Stewart Streit 1951 - Canadian Open Champion
George Genereux 1952 - Gold Medal at the Olympics in trapshooting
Doug Hepburn 1953 - World Heavy Weight Champion
Marilyn Bell 1954 - Swim across Lake Ontario
Beth Whittall 1955 - Medals won at the Pan Am Games
Marlene Stewart Streit 1956 - US Amateur Champion
Maurice Richard 1957 - First NHLer to score 500 goals
Lucile Wheeler 1958 - World Ski Champion and Giant Slalom World Champion
Barbara Wagner and Robert Paul 1959 - Gold Medal at the World Figure Skating Championships

Anne Heggtveit 1960 - Canada's first Olympic Gold Medal in skiing
Bruce Kidd 1961 - Knights of Columbus Indoor Track Meet
Don Jackson 1962 - First triple Lutz in competition
Bill Crothers 1963 - Track and Field Championship wins
Roger Jackson and George Hungerford 1964 - Gold medal in rowing at the Tokyo Olympics
Petra Burka 1965 - Gold Medal at the World Figure Skating Championships
Elaine Tanner 1966 - Commonwealth Games medals
Nancy Greene 1967 - World Alpine Skiing title
Nancy Greene 1968 - Gold Medal at the Grenoble Olympics
Russ Jackson 1969 - Grey Cup victory

Bobby Orr 1970 - Flying goal in overtime to win the Stanley Cup
Hervé Filion 1971 - World Record career wins
Phil Esposito 1972 - Winning goal at the Canada-Russia Hockey Series
Sandy Hawley 1973 - 500 race wins
Ferguson Jenkins 1974 - Comeback Player of the Year
Bobby Clarke 1975 - Second straight Stanley Cup
Sandy Hawley 1976 - Winner of Eclipse Award
Guy Lafleur 1977 - 1976-1977 Hockey Season
Graham Smith 1978 - Six Commonwealth Gold Medals
Ken Read 1978 - World Cup Downhill Victory in 1978
Sandra Post 1979 - Dinah Shore Tournament Champion

Terry Fox 1980 - Marathon of Hope
Susan Nattrass 1981 - Sixth consecutive World Championship Title
Wayne Gretzky 1982 - Breaking the 200 Barrier
Wayne Gretzky 1983 - Hart, Ross and Pearson Awards
Rick Hansen 1983 - Nine Gold Medals at the 1982 Pan American Wheelchair Games in Halifax.
Gaétan Boucher 1984 - Three medals at the 1984 Olympics
Wayne Gretzky 1985 - Second straight Stanley Cup
Carolyn Waldo 1988 - Two Gold Medals at the 1988 Olympics
Wayne Gretzky 1989 - Breaks Gordie Howe's all-time scoring record

Kurt Browning 1990 - Quadruple toe loop
Silken Laumann 1991 - World Rowing Champion
Mark Tewskbury 1992 - Olympic Record swim
Mario Lemieux 1993 - 1992-1993 Hockey Season
Myriam Bédard 1994 - First Canadian woman to win two Olympic Gold Medals
Jacques Villeneuve 1995 - Indy 500 win
Donovan Bailey 1996 - Olympic Gold Medal
Jacques Villeneuve 1997 - Formula One World Champion
Larry Walker 1998 - NL MVP for baseball
Caroline Brunet 1999 - Gold medals at the Canoe Sprint World Championship

Daniel Igali 2000 - Olympic Gold Medal
Jamie Salé and David Pelletier 2001 - Gold Medal at the 2001 World Figure Skating Championships
Catriona Le May Doan 2002 - Repeat Gold Medal performance at the Olympics
Mike Weir 2003 - First Canadian to win Masters
Adam van Koeverden 2004 - Olympic Medals in canoe/kayak
Steve Nash 2005 - 2004-2005 Basketball Season
Cindy Klassen 2006 - Five Olympic Medals
Sidney Crosby 2007 - 2006- 2007 Hockey Season
Chantal Petitclerc 2008 - Gold Medals won at the Paralympics