The Lou Marsh Legacy - Honouring Canada's Top Athletes

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The Legacy

General Overview of the Lesson:

Students will work in groups of 3-5 and develop a timeline PowerPoint presentation that will depict Lou Marsh's legacy and present it to the class.

Using content available from, students will compose the timeline on the PowerPoint to include the following:

Students will be encouraged to use primary and secondary sources to generate the PowerPoint presentation

Age Level: Grade 11 and 12 students

Relevant Courses:

This lesson plan focuses on:

Specific student learning objectives:

Skills Targeted for Development

Resources Required:

Helpful Resources:

Suggested Implementation Strategy

This lesson will take three class periods to complete.

Session 1: In Class - One Period

Working in groups of 3-5, predetermined by the teacher, students will be given a chance to brainstorm what "legacy" means to them without the use of a dictionary. Students should answer questions such as:

  1. What legacies do they know of?
  2. What does legacy mean to them?
  3. What does legacy mean in a more general sense?

Teachers will records student comments on the chart board or smartboard. Teachers will then provide the dictionary definition of legacy but will also indicate that there are many different types of legacies. This step should only take about 15-20 minutes.

Students will then break into their predetermined groups once again and using the internet and their assigned decade begin researching Lou Marsh and the athletes assigned for their decade (maximum of four athletes per decade will be assigned). Students will be given the remaining class time to prepare the outline for their PowerPoint presentations. The structure of the PowerPoint will be as follows:

A maximum of six slides will need to be developed per group.

The timeline will focus on Lou Marsh's legacy in Canadian sports history by portraying the four athletes assigned to each group that have been awarded the Lou Marsh Memorial Award. Each group will dedicate one slide to each athlete in their assigned decade. An additional slide will be required to summarize the legacy of Lou Marsh in Canadian sport history. A title page for the slide should also be added.

Students will be required but not limited to use the recipients of the Lou Marsh Memorial Award as their foundation. The Lou Marsh Legacy timeline will reflect the Lou Marsh Memorial Award recipients. For a full list of Lou Marsh Memorial Award recipients, click this link

For background information pertaining to Lou Marsh click on these links

Students will compose the timeline on the PowerPoint to include the following:

The structure of the final PowerPoint presentation is as follows:

An example of an athletes slide may include their achievements:

E.g. Wayne Gretzky, the student may list the following under his name:

Students will be encouraged to complete the PowerPoint presentation as a homework assignment with their group.

Session 2: In Class - Two Class Periods

1. In their groups, students will present their PowerPoint presentations to the class. Each group will be given 10 minutes to present.

Suggested Follow-up Activities

Students will be encouraged to visit to learn more about the Hall's Honoured Members and about the Hall's collection of photo's, artefacts and videos.

Go to for the interviews of the Hall's Honoured Members.

Students are encouraged to get permission to display their Lou Marsh Legacy timelines on a projector in the school's foyer or cafeteria.

Students can create their own Lou Marsh Crossword using terms and phrases from the Lou Marsh Legacy.

Suggested Evaluation:


Teachers are encouraged to complete a feedback form (accessible above) and submit it electronically to Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. The responses received will assist in refining/revising the lesson plan for future users.

Students will be encouraged to evaluate the project process and identify what they learned.