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George Genereux

Trap Shooting


Photo of trapshooter George Genereux holding his rifle

Photo of trapshooter George Genereux holding his rifle

Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

A Shooting Star

1952 Summer Olympic Games, Helsinki, Finland.

The event is trapshooting. Forty champion shooters from 19 nations take aim at Gold. It is a tension filled two-day tournament. Individual competitors are placed in squads of six and shoot at 100 targets (also known as birds or clay pigeons) in relays of 25 targets. There is an anxious 1 to 1½ hour waiting period between squads for the next 25 birds. In Olympic trap, competitors are allowed two shots at each bird. The recoil from a trap gun delivers a punishing jolt which means a great deal of physical pounding over two days.

On the first day, George Genereux, the 17-year old Canadian from Saskatoon breaks 95 targets, which ties him with two others for third place. There is a score of 96 and 97 in front of him. On the second day, the early leaders are shooting first, and they drop enough targets to jeopardize their standings in the competition.

Genereux finishes late in the afternoon with a 97x100 for a total of 192x200. There is one squad behind which includes a Swede by the name of Knut Holmquist who has a chance to tie George if he breaks 25x25. Holmquist knows the scoring status and is under considerable pressure when he starts his last round. Holmquist shoots 23 straight birds and misses the 24th. This gives George Genereux the coveted Gold Medal.

Genereux is well known to the trapshooting community. Although he is only 17, he has been winning competitions from the time he was 13. In a sport of fast movement, reflex and visual acuity, he embodies all the attributes of a superb champion. His ascent in trapshooting has been meteoric. Overnight he becomes a national sporting hero by winning Canada's only Gold Medal at the 1952 Olympic Games, and Canada's first gold at the Summer Olympic Games since 1936.

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North American Junior Champion
World Trapshooting Championships, Oslo, Norway, Silver Medal
Summer Olympic Games, Helsinki, Finland, Gold Medal
Lou Marsh Memorial Award